Ulrike Engel private family research

Baden, Palatinate, Odenwald

Ulrike Engel Private Family Research

Australia, Canada, Switzerland, USA

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Persons 41,812 Total number of individuals on this Web Site.
Relatives 28,460 Total number of my relatives.
Partners 13,351 Total number of persons who married into our families.
Ancestors 267 Including Earliest known Ancestors.
Earliest known Ancestors 122 Number of ancestors, from whom we don't know any ancestor (yet)
Social Relatives 0 Number of Persons being associated but neither related nor partner.
Mostly godparents and marriage wittnesses, but also adoptive children and children of uncertain parentage.
Emigrants 667 Persons, who left Europe, includes accompanying partners.
Surnames 5,432 Number of different surnames appearing on this web site.
Children under 14 excluded 11,055 In order to keep this Web Site compact, we do not show data about children, who died before reaching a particular age.
Maybe living excluded 5,943 For data protection reasons, we do not show data about persons, who died than 30 years ago, or were born later than 110 years ago.
Oldest Vital Date about 1475 (Christian Hauser ) Our research goes back as far as this. This date is an estimate based on other vital dates.